Once a piece of fruit has endured the process to ripeness, it is then plucked from its life source. After being caressed, cleaned, and calmed, it is now time… As the fruit enters sever chamber of steel, heat, and steam; a force so powerful extracts every ounce of refreshing, nourishing, sweet, and mouthwatering nectar from its core…….Giving you THE JUICE!!!! This blog is MSM. Centered around Nubian Leather Bears, exploring sexual acts that defies societal norms. As this blog does allow freedom of expression, only individuals above the age of 21 are permitted to enter. Within this blog you may find images and clips of barebacking/unprotected sex; it is our INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY to educate ourselves on the effect, outcome, and restructuring of unprotected sex. Now allow you mind to escape to a place where your JUICE flows free…..

26th July 2011

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